A Little History Of Best Facial Treatment Singapore

You can find facial treatment Singapore for laser hair removal. Lasers were found to be effective for removing hair back in the early 1990’s. In 1996, the first laser machine approved for the removal of unwanted hair was approved for public use. More recently the IPL laser hair removal device was developed. These devices cannot make the claim to offer permanent hair removal, but they believe that after several treatments, the results may be permanent. One claim they can make is they greatly reduce the hair.Nouri Face & Body Concepts

If you are in Singapore, hair removal by the IPL laser is found in clinics in the city. You can find clinics that have these and use them quite successfully on patients. The device emits laser light in fast flashes. Once the light hits the skin it converts into thermal energy. It will feel hot. They offer a cooling spay for the skin to stop the burning sensation. Some people report it feels like a slight sting or tingle. Normally it can take as little as two or as many as seven treatments to destroy successfully the hair root and follicle. Much depends on the area being treated. These laser lights are used to treat more than just the removal of unwanted hair.

Psoriasis is successfully treated by using ultraviolet light. “Sun” boxes are used to help people avoid seasonal affective disorder, because it simulates sunlight. You can see how the use of light, particularly ultraviolet light helps to treat several ailments. In 1960, lasers were useful during surgery, because of the precision in cutting they offered. Lasers are used to treat skin issues, such as removing unwanted hair, sun damage, acne, varicose veins, psoriasis and more. They discovered the use for removing hair while treating for skin conditions. The hair removal was a side effect.

IPL laser hair removal is a popular way to remove unwanted hair these days. In 2010 in the United States, one third of all “plastic surgeon” treatments were laser removal of hair. This procedure has grown in popularity, spreading to the United Kingdom and Singapore. Just keep in mind that using the laser does not guarantee a permanent removal of hair, it does remove it. Sometimes it will stay gone for a long long time, much longer than shaving or waxing. It may grow back sparsely and thinner. It takes several treatments to gain desired results of hair not growing back.

IPL laser hair removal offers permanent reduction of unwanted hair. It will take longer to grow back, if it does grow back. Laser hair treatments works better on people with lighter skin tones and darker hair. A person with light skin tone and blonde hair may find this treatment will not work well. People with dark skin tones may end up being burned on the skin. The laser light targets the darkest areas, and if the skin is darker than the hair, the skin will be targeted.