Wedding photography Darkroom Principles

Though much of photography has transitioned to digital mediums, old-school film photography is still practiced by many professionals. You can’t get many of the same effects with digital photography as you can with film. Sure, you can spend a few hours in Photoshop trying to create the look, but many traditionalists can still tell the difference.Go to our London Asian wedding photographers website for more info

Even if you are absolutely certain that you will spend your whole career shooting in digital, it is important that you take a darkroom course. To really learn photography, you have to learn it from the ground up, and darkroom principles are at the core of photography. In this class, you’ll learn how to develop film using chemical baths. You’ll learn how modifications to the process can produce varied results in your photographs. For example, leaving the photo in one stage of the development process may cause it to have more or less light in the final product, dramatically changing the look and feel of the photo.

Some programs will combine both traditional and digital darkroom practices in one course, while others will provide a separate digital darkroom course. Taking both is important to your overall photography education. This isn’t traditionally offered as an online photography course since it requires hands-on skill. However, you may be able to find a few programs that offer it online. You’ll just have to have access to an on-site darkroom, either that you create or that is provided through a partnership with the school.